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How to Install your eSIM

How do I install an eSIM on my iOS device?

Before you travel

  • 1. With a stable Internet connection, scan the QR code provided to you on the checkout page or confirmation email you received

    • 2. Tap Mobile Plan

      • 3. Accept and continue all prompts

        When you arrive

        • 1. Once within an eligible country for your eSIM package, switch Mobile Data to your eSIM. To do this on an IOS device:

          • a. Go to Settings and tap on Mobile Data. In some regions, Mobile Data will be called Cellular, in that case tap on it
          • b. On the Mobile Data page tap on the Mobile Data option at the top
          • c. Select your eSIM
        • 2. To turn on Data Roaming for your eSIM:

          • a. Go to Settings
          • b. Tap on Mobile Data
          • c. Tap on your eSIM under the Sims or eSIMs list (depending on software version)
          • d. Toggle Data Roaming to on

        Need help with installing your eSIM?

        To download our step-by-step installation guide, click on the appropriate button below: